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Combining Adonis, React and Tailwind together under a single monorepo codebase.

Creating a flexible soft delete feature for MySql database tables using AdonisJS

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  • You may legally be required to keep the data either in…

A comprehensive starter solution to making API calls structured and manageable in code architecture and development teams.

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Scaling React apps with clean code structure and standards

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How a common JavaScript utility function became a React Hook

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How to resolve relative paths cleanly in JavaScript and TypeScript by using webpack aliases.

Reference Mistakes Make Developers Look Bad

import { UserCard }…

Observing the performance of loops and methods when dealing with arrays of objects.

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Non-Primitive Values

Breaking down the performance and biases of JavaScript loops and methods when working with various data sets.

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Introducing Loops and Methods

A short guide to creating a new object from multiple objects.

  • Spread - The spread (…) operator
  • Assign - The Object.assign() method
  • Loop - Object loop method (for…in)

Spread Operator

Michael McShinsky

Fullstack Software Engineer

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