Michael McShinsky

A comprehensive starter solution to making API calls structured and manageable in code architecture and development teams.

In my article, “ Architecting Frontend Projects To Scale”, we took a look at organizing our frontend code base in a way to make scaling and succeeding as a team much easier. In this article we’re going to take a small dive into the services layer of our code organization…

How to resolve relative paths cleanly in JavaScript and TypeScript by using webpack aliases.

Reference Mistakes Make Developers Look Bad

If you were to ask me what are one of the most common mistakes are in basic web development, I would, without hesitation, tell you that reference errors are one of the big ones out there. Whether they are with variables or package imports, I encounter and solve many problems…

Observing the performance of loops and methods when dealing with arrays of objects.

If you are starting with part 2, be sure to check out part 1 by clicking here!

Non-Primitive Values

In part 1, we took a look at how different loops and methods are used to find the index or value from an array of primitive values, and what the performance implications were…

A short guide to creating a new object from multiple objects.

This guide will show you how to merge two or more JavaScript objects into a new object. The new object will contain the properties of all the objects that were merged together. JavaScript provides multiple ways to accomplish this task with a lot of different methods. Here, we will take…

Michael McShinsky

Fullstack Software Engineer

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